Sustainable custom solutions due to excellent connections.


A collection of storage tanks & related industrial infrastructure

Sustainable Custom Solutions Due To Excellent Connections.

The goal of a tank farm is to safely store large volumes of liquid and gas products and ensure efficient loading and unloading for transportation. Our design, construction, and operations adhere to strict industry standards and regulations to ensure the safety of our workers, the environment, and the stored products.

Our largest crude oil storage tanks can hold up to 100 million gallons or more. The current total storage and processing capacity is 39,000 m3, divided over tanks from 50 m³ to almost 5,000 m³. One cubic meter (m³) is equivalent to 264.172052 US gallons. So, 5,000 m³ is equivalent to approximately 1,320,860 US gallons.

We also have our own jetty, which makes it possible to moor ships. It's an important component of harbor and coastal infrastructure and play a critical role in maintaining navigable waterways and safe harbors for shipping and other water-based activities. Our storage capacity, infrastructure and additional services ensure that we can deliver tailor-made solutions that suit the customer's ambitions.

More than just storing

Protecting the health of our employees and the quality of the products is our number one priority. We do this by making ourselves aware of the essence of health and using daily preventive measures to prevent possible dangerous situations.

Naturally, we are also focused on maintaining the quality of the customer's product. We can monitor both safety and quality maintenance by means of our laboratory, where we can analyze products at the request of the customer.

Products that can be stored with us include:

The Future & Ambition

BAYMAR FUELS USA, LLC's objective is generate possible ability to respond to market demand, compete effectively, and leverage technology and innovation to meet the evolving needs of its customers and stakeholders.

However, some possible directions of ours include:

Expansion: The company could expand its storage capacity by constructing new tanks or acquiring existing facilities, in response to growing demand for storage and transportation of oil, gas, and other liquids.

Technology: The company could invest in new technology to improve operational efficiency, increase storage capacity, and enhance safety and environmental protection. This could include automation, digitalization, and the adoption of new materials and construction techniques.

Diversification: The company could diversify its product portfolio and services by offering additional value-added services such as blending, distribution, and product treatment.

Internationalization: The company could expand its operations globally by establishing partnerships, joint ventures, or acquisitions in key markets.

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